The "One-stop shop" solution for professional language translation and data analysis needs

Translation services for more than 60 language pairs

We are specialized in the translation and localization of press releases, marketing documents, public relations materials, websites, project proposals and legal contracts.
With 20 years of experience in transforming corporate messaging into the world’s most spoken and lesser spoken languages, we are the go-to service and solution for the marketing and public relations needs for any firm wanting to communicate with global audiences in their own language.

Data analysis and reporting services for large volume of work

We have upgraded the reporting platform to the latest version of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which is a self-service web portal that can create, share and export reports easily and is seamlessly integrated with other products in our internal platform.
In addition to the in-house reporting system, we adopted Power BI as our reporting tool for our public cloud portal. It provides more capabilities to analyze the data anywhere without any downtime risk.

Desktop publishing (DTP) and content localization

Our desktop publishing offerings include a full range of typesetting and pre-print services, so that the translated document can go straight to your printer with no further intervention needed by your design staff.
Available DTP output formats include QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, CorelDRAW, Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for both PC and Mac among other DTP applications, rounding out a "one-stop-shop" offering for various translation and localization projects.

Client data hosting service based on both private and public cloud platforms

We use SharePoint as our platform to host data from our clients. SharePoint offers excellent document- and record-management capabilities, including extensive support for metadata and customized search experiences.
In addition to the SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online is also implemented through our public cloud platform. Both platforms can be configured to meet client’s requirements for dealing with standard and “heightened” confidential information.