Our Security Procedures

Confidentiality and security of content

General protocols for employees

We require that each user change their password every three months. We also have requirements as to the length and complexity of the password. For internal meetings that require special security considerations, we only use Microsoft Teams due to the meeting tool’s enhanced security provisions.

General measures for system security

The following actions are now required of all Pronto employees to prevent unauthorized intrusions or introduction of malware or other harmful software into our systems:

  • • Deployment of antivirus software on all systems and devices
  • • Deploying of anti-malware on all systems and devices
  • • Periodic hardening of all operating systems
  • • Implementation of perimeter network segments and network security zones
  • • Required use of complex passwords for access to all systems including all software applications
  • • Required multifactor authentication
  • • Encryption of file systems, disks, and individual documents
  • • Updating of operating systems as soon as upgrades and security patches have been issued by the vendor
  • • Scheduled port scans
  • • Scheduled scans for vulnerabilities

All translated documents are stored and archived in the secure portal. No one is allowed to modify or delete them. They can only be used as reference for consistency and accuracy as required by clients.